Saturday, 13 February 2010

We'd promised Rachel a birthday on the beach, what with our enjoying the Australian summer, and today she got her beach - Bondi beach to be specific.

Rachel and Zack were, understandably, fairly unmoved by the status of Bondi as a world class surfing beach. All they really care about when it comes to beaches are the paddling options and the quality of the sand (for the building of sand castles). Thankfully, aside from the surfing, Bondi is excellently equipped to entertain a 7 year old boy and his freshly minted 9 year old sister in such ways. As you might imagine, we did not transport their various buckets and spades half way around the planet and so they had to make do with their bare hands (Zack asked if we could construct our customary beach tunnels, but I had to say that this was probably an insurmountable challenge without the use of a spade).

Aside from the delights of messing about with the sand, they ran in and out of the shallow surf with mighty glee. Zack had insisted on wearing his long trousers to the beach (part of his ongoing campaign to defy the heat of the Australian summer with an array of long sleeved tops and non-short trousers) and duly got them utterly soaked by the occasionally surprisingly large wave. And Hannah took the chance to demonstrate a real life example of erosion around a river's edge as a salt water pool formed a stream to drain itself down the beach back to the sea. Never a dull moment on the beach.